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March 29th, 2005

Furniture Delivery

A few weeks ago we ordered a chair and a pair of couches from a furniture store. They told us 8-12 weeks for the shipment because one of the couches would take longer to get in the color we wanted. Order placed, fine.

A couple weeks later they called to let us know they’d split our order for us for no extra cost since one of the couches and the chair was ready. Good!

The day before the delivery date for the early couch and chair, we get a call that the couch arrived damaged at the warehouse, so it’ll take a couple more weeks. But! They’ll deliver the chair.

Even though it’ll be a hassle to come home for delivery on three different days over the next few months, some of the stuff is still coming signficantly earlier than originally expected and at no additional charge, so I can’t really complain.

Anyone have any good stories about furniture deliveries gone way wrong?

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