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June 8th, 2005

Swatch Internet Time

Back when the web was still a relative phenomenon, there were some ca-razy ideas thrown around. By far my favorite though is Swatch Internet Time.

The idea isn’t horrible, I guess: one “time” for the entire globe, all the time. Like right now, it’s 531. It’s 531 in London, 531 in Spain, and 531 in Ryan’s backyard.

But there’s just one small obstacle with Swatch Internet Time: no one used it. Oh, sure, maybe some people put a little time converter on their WWW Home Pages back in the day. But come on… no one’s going to think of redividing up the day into 1000 “beats” and then using that instead of the good ol’ AM and PM.

Undoubtedly there was a marketing meeting at Swatch where someone suggested that Swatch Internet Time would show how “cutting edge” and “trendy” Swatch is. I hope the people that suggested that were fired – right at 102.

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