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June 9th, 2005

The Lessening Importance of Sports

Perhaps I’m just getting to be an old fogey, but I’ve realized that sports mean almost nothing to me anymore. While I was never a rabid fan of any sport, I used to follow pretty much all the major sports, professional and college, to a degree. These days, though, that’s changed.

Football is as close as I’ll come to following a sport. During the season, I’ll keep up with it pretty closely, though I can’t really rattle off names of players from teams other than the Cowboys. Baseball I’ll occasionally look at the standings for or go to a game, but that’s about it. Basketball and hockey? I am totally indifferent towards both and probably couldn’t name a combined total of more than 15 current players. College sports? I don’t really pay attention to any of them. I don’t even fill out a March Madness bracket anymore.

I enjoy playing sports much more than watching them, though I don’t even get to do that much these days.

Has anyone else started to feel this apathy towards team sports in recent years?

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