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July 22nd, 2005

A Good Local News Channel Site

I know that my head has been in the internets this week, so let me indulge for just one more day.

This past week I had occasion to visit the website of my local CBS channel, channel 2. They’ve undergone a pretty severe makeover in the past couple of years due to sagging ratings. They cleaned house anchor-wise, brought in lots of people from just about every other local channel, and went to a very minimalist Helvetica-and-blue design scheme.

So it makes sense that the website for channel 2 should relaunch but, I must admit, it’s the best local news channel site I’ve ever seen. It’s got a total geek feel about it and with good reason – for you web geeks out there, this site is XHTML 1.0 Strict! (I know I could have just said, “This site is blender alpha Charlie tango rutabega!” and some wouldn’t know the difference. It’s okay.)

The site has pretty neat features, though. The video player is quick to load, and isn’t annoying. The ads are there but are definitely out of the way. And click “Enter City” under the weather box at the top of the page. Someone obviously looked at the little things.

The only caveat I know of is that the kerning of the headlines looks a bit funky on Camino and Firefox on my Mac – everything’s a little too tight. Other than that, though, it’s a really nice redesign… perhaps the best I’ve seen from a really big corporate entity in a long time.

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