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July 28th, 2005


It may sound a bit scary, but I can’t remember the last time I actually wrote a real letter to another person.

In composing a little timeline in my head, I’m pretty sure “last handwritten letter to a real person” is well before “last typed letter to a real person”. I started typing letters a long time ago (before the electronic mail!) because, well, yeah. But just thinking about the last time I wrote somebody actually makes my head hurt. I can’t remember it.

I brought this up because yesterday I was at a stationery store and was in awe of all the gorgeous paper that was available. It made me yearn for the days of handwritten letters using flowing ink pens, seals, and stamps. Email may be faster, but something – the craft – has been lost.

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FROM: jk
DATE: Thursday July 28, 2005 -- 12:11:49 pm
I send hand-written thank you cards. Does that count?

I am so glad I saved all the letters I received in college.....they are pieces of my personal history that would not have existed had we had email.

When my friend Nancy got pregnant, she went through all of her letters and destroyed the ones that might one day end up in her daughter's hands and lead her to believe that we were drunken fools.

As much as I miss real snail mail, I do like the speed of email. I firmly believe that I would have lost contact with many people on the west coast were it not for email.

FROM: Monica
DATE: Thursday July 28, 2005 -- 2:44:20 pm
I think thank you's count, at least when you write more than two sentences.

I write to one of my grandmothers monthly-ish, but that's it. She said that when she dies they'll go to me (I've been writing to her since I was little and she's saved them all), which kind of creeps me out...
I'm glad to have the letters and cards from friends who've died, but having my own letters back?

FROM: steph
DATE: Thursday July 28, 2005 -- 4:11:49 pm
I just graduated, and I wrote a ton of thank you cards. Plus, it was great to get letters and know that some probably had checks in them. The post office is great for letters, and my favorite, packages! Plus, my dad is a mailman, so everyone should send letters to keep the USPS in business!:-)

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday July 28, 2005 -- 4:26:54 pm
Aaaah, so if thank you notes count, then I'm doin' fine. I've written thank you notes over the past couple months. Hooray!

FROM: Laurie
DATE: Thursday August 11, 2005 -- 3:58:52 am
I believe that when a person is writing a letter to a friend or family person, that it is so much more personal when it is hand written to the person, but then not everyone has legible handwriting.

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