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September 20th, 2005

I Have a Picnic Problem!

I often make fun of the way marketing-ese has made its way into everyday life – mostly by way of the words “synergy” and “branding”. But it’s time to shine the spotlight on another crizappy piece of marketing lingo that must stop. And what better way than with mustard?

A few weeks back I was at the grocery store killing time… but that’s another Ping… and spotted a display of mustards from Hickory Farms. The display had a great picture of a picnic table, with some hot dogs covered with their mustards. It looked good. But the text on the display is what got my goat:

We have your mustard solution!

No kidding. I mean, who goes around saying, “Whoops! I’ve got a mustard problem – I don’t have any!” Come on. I was surprised this type of drivel made it past anyone.

Clearly, I’ve got a solution problem.

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