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October 11th, 2005


This morning, when walking to my car, I was stung by a bee. For no reason! I just opened my car door, walked over to say goodbye to my wife by the garage, and all of a sudden I’m being stung. I’ve swatted at bees before and never been stung. But, today, no intimidation… nothing. I don’t think I’m allergic since I haven’t swelled up yet.

But it hurts a little bit.

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FROM: Joseph
DATE: Tuesday October 11, 2005 -- 11:04:21 am
I got stung on the tongue by a yellow jacket who decided it would be fun to fly into my beer can.

You can imagine the surprise, and the sharp and blinding pain. The only similar pain I've encountered was when I caught my little head in my zipper. While that experience had me running around the backyard about five times, with the bee sting I sat completely still waiting to see if my tongue would swell up and choke off my airway--it didn't.

It swelled a little, the pain subsided into a rather intense itch pretty quickly, but my tongue was moderately paralyzed by the venom and I spoke like a drunk for the following three hours, though I'd had barely half the beer.

Of course, everyone else had a good good laugh.

FROM: Aanen
DATE: Tuesday October 11, 2005 -- 3:12:49 pm
I was stung in Hawaii by a bee with a dirty stinger and had to go to the hospital for blood poison

FROM: mrandersonjr [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday April 20, 2006 -- 12:18:17 am
Ok in 6th grade me and my homiez caught bees and filled up bags with gas putting bees everywere and one of them put an unconcouis bee on my backpack an hour later i noticed and flicked it and got stung my first and only time!and today i caught 10 bees in a bag a let them all go on the bus funny when everyone got stung not funny when we got kicked off the bus!

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