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November 4th, 2005

Worst Work Project Start Time

Is there a time at work when you’re presented with a new project and say, “Not today” or – more succinctly – “Naaaaah”?

For me, the worst time to start something new at work is Friday after 3pm. At that time I’m pretty much in “the zone” (sorry) in another project, trying to wrap things up for the week so I don’t have anything to worry about come Monday morning. If someone dumps something on my desk after 3 – and it’s not urgent, of course – it’ll probably get bumped to Monday.

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FROM: jk
DATE: Friday November 4, 2005 -- 11:55:56 am
Our company (as do many retailers) often makes decisions during the day and then sends an email right at dinnertime telling you to implement a major change on the we don't already have enough to do! This could be ANY day of the week, except weekends because of course the people at corporate don't work then. heh

FROM: Merle [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday November 4, 2005 -- 11:45:19 pm
My boss loves to have "team meetings" Fridays at 3pm.

It's good when I've tried to wrap everything up for the weekend. It sucks when I'm madly trying to debug code so it works so I can go home without fretting that I will forget what I was doing by Monday.

But it sucks because he gives out work assignments. As if I am going to remember them three days hence. As if I will be able to do anything productive in the last hour or so before the weekend.

We've taken to playing, err, "team building games" during that last hour, when nobody has urgent things to finish up. It is not as if we don't already work voluntary (if only slight) overtime...

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