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December 1st, 2005

Wifi MP3 Car Decks

With how wifi has proliferated and how popular MP3 players have gotten, I’m really surprised that there aren’t more in-dash MP3 players on the market. Being able to mount your car’s stereo as a drive on your PC and just dropping music onto it would be pretty sweet, especially if the hard drives were easily upgradable. I would think there would be a pretty significant market for this, yet most of the solutions I’ve seen to this have been from hobbyists who have jerry-rigged various devices to get a working product.

I suppose it could be because even the best MP3 players still have pretty crappy user interfaces. In fact, I haven’t yet used an MP3 player that hasn’t frustrated me in at least one major way. For an in-dash system to work well, it would be essential that the UI was top notch and easy-to-remember so that it could be navigated without requiring any more glancing over than a car radio.

Some day I’ll have 300 TB of music in my Kia. I just know it.

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