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January 22nd, 2006

Chipotle DSL: A Review

A few weeks ago I was at my local Chipotle when I noticed their plugging something called Chipotle DSL: Don’t Stand in Line. It turns out one can order online and, thus, just go to the register and pick up one’s food. I decided that the next time I got the hankerin’ for some Chipotle, I’d give it a shot – so I did, Friday.

Ordering from their site started with a bust. A giant floating burrito (heh) went past, saying “Click here to order online.” I clicked. Nothing. Clicked again. Nothing. Clicked again, again, again. Nothing. So I tried it in Internet Exploder. It worked. -1 point.

The process itself requires an account with email address (-1 point), and once you’re set you’re walked through the process. It’s pretty easy: it uses an overhead image of Chipotle’s fixins bar, and you click Yes or No for each item. (+1 point.) Once you’re done with your main course, you can get salty chips and salsa or a drink.

I finished my order and was presented with a curious screen telling me to – yes – call the store and make sure my order was received! Hello? Hello? Why? This is 2006. I placed an order on the web. I should never, ever, ever, ever have to call to confirm if I ordered something online. Ever. Ever. EVER. (-10 points.) I did call, of course, at which point I wondered why I went through the whole process anyway. I could just, you know, call and order. (-2 points for making me wonder.)

My order also wasn’t ready on time (-5 points) but, as a bonus, the manager gave me free chips and salsa (+5 points.) However, since I needed to do something dopey like call in and confirm that the internets were working, I can’t recommend Chipotle DSL, even if the order confirmation email was signed, “Love, Joe” (+1 point.)

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FROM: jk
DATE: Sunday January 22, 2006 -- 1:32:29 pm

FROM: Aaron [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday January 22, 2006 -- 8:06:00 pm
Sadly enough, many of the restaurants here in San Francisco that let you order online also require a telephone call confirmation. Sometimes the restaurant will call you to confirm. I think that here in SF most of the restaurants don't receive the order directly from the web application, rather a 3rd party runs the ordering website and actually prints out the orders and faxes them to the restaurants. In this system, the confirmation call helps to make sure the intermediary sent your order through and the fax didn't fall out of the machine and slide under the fridge.

Still sucks though.

FROM: Bill
DATE: Monday January 23, 2006 -- 10:12:46 am
Calling to confirm sucks, but one online ordering that ive been very happy with in previous experiences, even if the pizza sucks is Pizza Hut. Their online ordering page is very good and lets you even specify if you want an ingredient on half and has all the sides you can get. You can pay in cash when the guy comes or pay ahead with your card. And they only make you call the store if you want to change your order. I used it many times without fail when i lived in the burbs

FROM: Merle [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday January 23, 2006 -- 8:48:03 pm
Aaron, if you're ever on the east side of the bay, (Shan Dong) has completely online ordering, no callbacks required.

And their dry-braised string beans are to die for.

But I agree: most places use third-party web providers and (with good reason) do not trust the orders they receive.

FROM: Dayna
DATE: Friday June 9, 2006 -- 4:22:39 pm
I think Chipotle DSL is worth a few extra points for this little gem: once you're on the final "Thank You" page, if you click the "Chipotle DSL" sign in the top right corner, you'll get some kisses!

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