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January 22nd, 2006

Chipotle DSL: A Review

A few weeks ago I was at my local Chipotle when I noticed their plugging something called Chipotle DSL: Don’t Stand in Line. It turns out one can order online and, thus, just go to the register and pick up one’s food. I decided that the next time I got the hankerin’ for some Chipotle, I’d give it a shot – so I did, Friday.

Ordering from their site started with a bust. A giant floating burrito (heh) went past, saying “Click here to order online.” I clicked. Nothing. Clicked again. Nothing. Clicked again, again, again. Nothing. So I tried it in Internet Exploder. It worked. -1 point.

The process itself requires an account with email address (-1 point), and once you’re set you’re walked through the process. It’s pretty easy: it uses an overhead image of Chipotle’s fixins bar, and you click Yes or No for each item. (+1 point.) Once you’re done with your main course, you can get salty chips and salsa or a drink.

I finished my order and was presented with a curious screen telling me to – yes – call the store and make sure my order was received! Hello? Hello? Why? This is 2006. I placed an order on the web. I should never, ever, ever, ever have to call to confirm if I ordered something online. Ever. Ever. EVER. (-10 points.) I did call, of course, at which point I wondered why I went through the whole process anyway. I could just, you know, call and order. (-2 points for making me wonder.)

My order also wasn’t ready on time (-5 points) but, as a bonus, the manager gave me free chips and salsa (+5 points.) However, since I needed to do something dopey like call in and confirm that the internets were working, I can’t recommend Chipotle DSL, even if the order confirmation email was signed, “Love, Joe” (+1 point.)

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