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February 10th, 2006

Give the Show a Chance!

One of the shows that was watched regularly in this household this season was Love Monkey. The show stars Tom Cavanagh, formerly of the also-good Ed, as an A&R guy at an indie label in NYC. Nice idea. The show debuted three weeks ago and in my estimation was just starting to feel its oats. I wasn’t really caring about the side characters, for instance, but Tom is a really likable guy… so he anchored the show nicely.

Then the word came down yesterday that the show was cancelled… after three weeks. Three weeks! How in the world is a show supposed to hit its stride after just three weeks? I don’t think it can. The reason it was canned, of course, was “low ratings” which really means “no advertisers”. I know, I know, it’s commercial TV – but still.

It’s mildly frustrating that quality shows get yanked well before their prime.

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