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March 16th, 2006

Not So Fast

Is there any time during the year during which you fast, for personal and/or religious reasons? If so, how do you work with it?

The whole idea fascinates me. I think the closest I’ve come (besides fasting for doctors’ visits) is giving up x for Lent when I was a kid, but considering one can still eat and drink… it’s not that close at all.

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FROM: Aanen
DATE: Thursday March 16, 2006 -- 8:54:32 am
My youth group did a 30 hour famine to raise money for starving people in 3rd world countries. We were only allowed to drink water. After the 30 hours were over, we would have pizza. We spent the day watching movies and playing games.

FROM: Steve A.
DATE: Friday March 17, 2006 -- 7:42:49 am
Years ago when I was a devout little Cat'lick, I used to fast on Fridays. However, one year I hit upon a really cool solution. I gave up being Catholic for Lent. Thus far I've lasted 31 years!


FROM: Leslie
DATE: Friday March 17, 2006 -- 10:49:06 am
Some of my co-workers and I each gave up something for a month on a bet. Like an idiot, I gave up caffeine. Trust me, I can't think of anything worse than Diet Coke was BRUTAL!

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