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April 9th, 2006

Favorite Sesame Street Character

Who’s yours?

Mine, certainly, is Grover. But in close second is Guy Smiley, the second best game show host ever (don’t worry, Jim Perry, I didn’t sell you out for a puppet).

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DATE: Sunday April 9, 2006 -- 4:26:15 pm
Oscar the Grouch

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday April 9, 2006 -- 4:37:54 pm
Even though I used to be able to do a dead-on Grover imitation, I still agree with Chris -- Oscar Rules.

FROM: Jaxie
DATE: Sunday April 9, 2006 -- 10:53:21 pm
I would have to say Snuffy or possibly Barkly. No one ever gave the big dog credit. :)

FROM: Steve A
DATE: Monday April 10, 2006 -- 8:15:38 am
One silly muppet, bah-ha-haaah, TWO silly muppets, bah-ha-haaah..

The COUNT, damnit! LOL

FROM: Aanen
DATE: Monday April 10, 2006 -- 8:34:06 am
The Count and Snuffy

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