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April 10th, 2006

Random Email From the Archive Day

A random email from my vast email archive – this one dated December 20, 2002.

From: []
Sent: Friday, December 20, 2002 12:04 PM
Subject: Question/Comment submitted through corporate website.

Name: Paul McAleer
Local Store: 1341 N Paulina, Chicago IL 60622


I normally wouldn’t write to a grocery store, but I wanted to share anexperience I had today.

I work near the Jewel at 1341 N Paulina, and often stop in for preparedmeals – such as your chicken tenders and fried potatoes. Today I visitedthe store wanting only the Tater Babies, to complement a meal I hadprepared at home.

I approached the Chef’s Kitchen hot foods display case, and stood. Awoman was behind the case, adding in more chicken wings. She didn’t onceacknowledge me – instead she chose to converse with a coworker about aphone call she received last night from her boyfriend. She continued tofill the case and talk with her coworker for a good 3 minutes beforefinally, I was almost acknowledged. She said, “Now I’m looking for bags,I need bags” to the floor before finally, finally stating to me, “Can Ihelp you.” It wasn’t even a question – just a statement.

I ordered a half pound of Tater Babies, and the employee scooped uppotatoes into a bag. She then weighed it and said, “It’s 1.98, is thatokay.” I told her no, that I wanted a half-pound (which is a fine servingsize.) She took the bag off the scale and making all the motions of aperson who was “doing me a favor”, poured roughly half the bag back intothe display case. She looked very put out by my simple request.

She then reweighed the bag, and handed it to me – no words were exchanged.

This was surprising to me. I have stopped in before and dealt with otheremployees, and they have all been well beyond courteous and kind. That’ssomething I appreciate, and I also appreciate getting service in a timelymanner. This employee clearly decided that talking with a coworker wasmore important than helping me.

I wanted to make you aware of this. Thank you for your time.

The “I don’t normally write to grocery stores” line is good. You know I write to them all the time to ask ’em what’s up!

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