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May 17th, 2006

American Idol 2006

I know, I know, American Idol sucks and is really running on steam at this point. The songs they perform suck, the themes have gotten incredibly lame (Barry Manilow? Seriously, c’mon now), and most of the talent, while good, aren’t really unique. This season I liked Paris early on for the same reason I liked Fantasia a few years back, but Paris got boring quickly when she drifted from the jazz roots. Chris was also pretty good this year, but wasn’t exactly breaking any molds in terms of image. And Katharine has a great voice, but she’ll make a seriously boring album when the time comes.

I’m hoping the series stops soon (it won’t) since every year I say, “Screw it, I’m not watching this year” and then I still do, regretting it afterwards.

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