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May 24th, 2006


I can’t remember the first time I started reading horoscopes. But it’s been a while, for sure. I do remember reading the two in the Chicago Sun-Times for years, though, before I stopped getting that paper altogether – and started using something like Yahoo! Horoscopes or similar.

Nowadays, I can’t say I check my horoscope regularly. To me, it’s not too important – but when I do read it, I always think, “Man, I should read my horoscope more often!” I don’t put a ton of stock in horoscopes in general, but I like them as diversions that can occasionally be inspirational.

That said, my current favorite horoscopes are at Free Will Astrology. The horoscopes are always well-written and thoughtful, and I find them to be more useful than simply, “Don’t buy slacks today. Lucky numbers: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42.”

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