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May 25th, 2006

Missing Reruns

I remember as a kid that the end of the television season just meant that my favorite show was going into reruns for the summer. I knew that the week after the season finale of Silver Spoons the season would repeat from the first episode, allowing me a chance to catch episodes I missed or favorite shows I wanted to see again. Like the one where he rode around on the train in his house a lot.

In 2006, though, no longer can I count on a summer full of reruns. Instead, second-rate shows like So You Think You Can Dance? will clog the airwaves (though I do love the clip of the guy almost breaking his neck). In one sense, it’s good because there may actually be one show out of the dozen summer shows that’s worthwhile. On the other hand, if you miss an episode of your favorite show, you can’t count on it coming back around.

That said, it’s also good because I look at summer as the time to be away from the TV more, and if 24 isn’t on every Monday night, that hour is going to turn into something more productive. Plus, missing a show in today’s day and age doesn’t really matter. Bittorent to the resuce.

So, in short, I miss the idea of summer reruns, but really, the fact they’re gone doesn’t really bother me all that much.

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