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June 15th, 2006

Screech is in trouble

Thanks to Pinger Chris/COD for sending along info about fellow celebrity Dustin Diamond (Screech) who’s in some deep ish with regards to his housing situation. From his site:

I’m Dustin Diamond and you probably remember me from the hit TV show Saved By The Bell. After the show ended I decided to leave Sunny Cailfornia for the midwest. My shitty credit meant that getting a loan for a house would be tough. I began looking and finally purchsed one on a land contract [link mine]. I was thrilled! Now I call Wisconsin my home.

During the past years the land around me has developed for the better and my property value went way up. Now that the house is worth a lot more they want it back. Knowing my credit is bad, getting a straight mortgage would take some time. I received a letter stating that I had 30 days to pay $250,000.00 or get out. I was not thrilled.

After contacting a lawyer who screwed him by literally doing nothing, Dustin is now facing being kicked out on his Kapowski if he doesn’t come up with some cash.

So, c’mon, buy a shirt. Help save Screech’s house!

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gordman August 20, 2007, 7:39 am

This is weird, I can see the reason of that letter, did you expect this to happen? Did you even got a “warning” message first? You got yourself a good deal whit that house, you should try clarify the problem immediately, I hope this doesn’t have to involve a lawyer.

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