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July 16th, 2006

Overwhelming Cabinetry

While it’s not a slam-dunk, it’s entirely possible that my wife and I will move into the “home ownership” circle this year.

One of the things we wanted to do was get an idea of how much “real” home improvement costs. That means for instance, new kitchen cabinets and countertops. So I headed over to my local Lowe’s Depot of Home Ace Hardware to browse their selection. Sure, I’d walked by the Kitchen and Bath departments before but now… wow.

There were dozens of colors and designs from just one brand. And then, I found five (!) more brand displays, each in turn with dozens more colors and designs. All told, I’m sure there were well over 300 styles and colors of cabinets. And that was just cabinetry!

It really is amazing and overwhelming. We’ve come a long way from metal yellow cabinets.

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FROM: Steve A
DATE: Sunday July 16, 2006 -- 8:57:46 am
If you had those metal yellow cabinets now you could afford lots of those 'new' fiberboard cabinets.

Having just completed our third renovation, the first specifically to sell, we've found using floor model cabinets to be an excellent choice to create your own island. Once you've gotten your shape/size figured out, cut a plywood top and use either slate or ceramic tiles. It's fairly cheap, on the scheme of things, and you can customize it to your whims and desires.


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