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July 15th, 2006

I love Sprintime

Former GH star (wait… current? didn’t he come back recently?) and singer of the annoyingly catchy “Jessie’s Girl” Rick Springfield is playing nearby tomorrow. Now, of course I’m not going to see him, but every morning I’ve thought about him as I drove past the concert location and seen his name on a billboard. Well… actually, it’s not his name. Instead, in big black letters on a white background, the headliner for this Sunday is:

Rick Sprinfield

No need for that stinkin’ “G,” apparently. Oddly, last year, Joan Jett’s name was properly spelled with both “t”s.

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FROM: COD [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday July 15, 2006 -- 8:35:05 am
I think you should, just for the blog post that would result!

FROM: jk
DATE: Saturday July 15, 2006 -- 10:26:50 am
Please go!

FROM: Steve A
DATE: Saturday July 15, 2006 -- 4:08:24 pm
You have my permission to miss it. Heck, you can make up a better blog.


FROM: Paul
DATE: Saturday July 15, 2006 -- 5:03:53 pm
Clearly they're big fans of roc and rol.

FROM: Suzanne Lanoue [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday July 15, 2006 -- 9:02:57 pm
Yes, he is back on General Hospital and has a new album out.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Saturday July 15, 2006 -- 9:51:09 pm
I'm sure Rick is superpsyched to be playing Leesbur.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Monday July 17, 2006 -- 12:25:50 am
What, they couldn't get Eddie Mone this year?

FROM: Adam [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday July 28, 2006 -- 1:25:55 am
That's gotta be a nice shot in the groin to the old ego when you used to be a rock star and the desire of women everywhere, and now they misspell your name on the marquee. Good times.

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