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July 17th, 2006

Stealing Bikes

Gothamist links up to a interesting, but unsurprising video of a guy stealing his own bike in NYC, just to find out how difficult it is. First, he locks his bike up at Union Square, then comes back later with bolt cutters, clips the chain, and rides away. A woman standing five feet away doesn’t even glance in his direction. He rides away with the bolt cutters in hand and the cut chain dangling. Subsequent attempts include a hacksaw (!), an angle grinder (!!!), and a hammer (right in front of a cop). It’s a fascinating 5 minute video.

No wonder bikes are such easy targets.

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DATE: Monday July 17, 2006 -- 12:34:38 pm
Does this show that people don't care if you steal stuff in NYC, or does it show if you act like you aren't doing anything wrong, people give you the benefit of the doubt?

Of course, criminals have understood the later point for centuries...

FROM: Steve A
DATE: Tuesday July 18, 2006 -- 9:18:25 am
Just goes to show the apathy of most people. Gawd, what have we advanced to?


FROM: Dave Fakakta
DATE: Wednesday July 19, 2006 -- 6:37:22 pm
I was in Mexico City many years ago I went to lunch with somebody else. There was a drunk trying to break into a car through a window. After lunch we came back and he was still at it. If the owner showed the drunk would have been sol. The police would take the plates off of cars down there and people would keep on driving.

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