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August 3rd, 2006

Now With More Marketingese

One thing that I take regular potshots at is marketingese, particularly my favorite word, “synergy.” I do this mostly because, uh, people who use a lot of it sound very, very weird. Perhaps alien.

A couple of days ago I read that the Chicago Sun-Times (America’s most ad-laden newspaper website, perhaps) bought Centerstage, an events/happenings guide. Besides the instant use of Comic Sans on Centerstage, the occasion was marked by this awesome press release.

I mean, all you need to do is read the first quote:

“The acquisition is part of the Company’s strategy to make the premier online destination for all there is to know and do in the greater Chicago area,” said the group, which includes the Chicago Sun-Times and a large number of dailies and weeklies in the Chicago market.


STNG said the acquisition was one of a number of steps “designed to capitalize on new media opportunities to further enhance the company’s and’s position as the number one source of local news and information in Chicago.”

STNG apparently loves to put people to sleep. While I give them some credit for not using “synergy”, the whole thing still reads like it’s for robots. Why is that?

Why don’t companies just say things in plain English – or plain Spanish, even?

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FROM: Jessica
DATE: Friday August 4, 2006 -- 3:25:25 pm
I have a couple of thoughts here, but I won't begin by saying that I have the answers, but here are a couple of thoughts.

People do who think that they have something to say that think that they are self important are very afraid to say it in clear terms. It seems to me that in the PC world, they use words that are not clear in order to NOT to piss anyone off or to make it less emotional~ at any cost.

If there are is a lack of clariety, then simple people or people who may be offended might not understand what is being said or could it be that a spin could be put to something should it be misunderstood if a problem somehow arose? I don't know...

Plus, what better why to sound like a pro when only you are speaking in a lingo to your group and onlookers could be/might be impressed by what is (or what's not) being said in a meeting or a memo?
I'm not sure where I heard that something like 2/3 of people on cell phones in aren't really on the phone, but they act like they are because they feel more important... ( this is REALLY strange, don't you think?) So, I would think that these same strange people are the ones who decide make names changes, title changes, and cover bases in order for a variety of reasons... I can only guess, to be honest, because I don't work in that field, but looking at varied fields~ can we say they are as guilty? Doctors? Lawyers? Journalists? Political people? I think so...

People are such interesting creatures that way, sometimes we don't even realize why we do what we do, I think... We convince ourselves that it's for the best, for someone else; when really, it's for our own ego...

The plain truth is sometimes something that people don't know, I think. Not the one saying it, anyhow. Does that sound crazy? Maybe so! But, I think it may be true sometimes. I think that it could be that in business, the ones in charge, may be afraid that the truth would not sell to either the employees or the public.

Just a thought. I could be WAY off the mark. Like I said, just a thought.

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