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September 26th, 2006


While shopping for digital cameras online, it’s really hard to visualize how big things are. Some review sites include comparison photos, but Sizeasy actually takes that a step further.

You can enter the size of any object and compare it to the size of up to 4 others. Sizeasy then draws a semi-attractive 3D cube of the object. You can move the cubes around, hide them, and so on. It also has a few helpful reference size objects built in, such as a $100 bill, a CD case, and a pack of playing cards.

For instance, the cameras I’m considering both dwarf my current one – which in turn dwarfs an iPod. While I could figure out the latter the former certainly put things in perspective (hah! perspective!) for me. While Sizeasy’s name isn’t perfect and its logo is Web 2.0 laughable, it’s quite the useful tool.

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