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February 9th, 2007

Where in the World is Brian Dunkleman?

Brian who now?

Brian Dunkleman, the oft-forgotten co-host of the first season of American Idol. He left the show after not liking his role on the show and being openly criticized by Simon Cowell.

After the successful first season, the show really cemented Ryan Seacrest as a household name. One wonders that if Dunkleman would have gone onto similar fame. Afterall, “Dunkleman… out!” sounds just as lame as its Seacrest counterpart.

These days, Dunkleman is doing (has done?) voiceover work for American Idol Rewind. He’s also co-hosted the Idol recap show on Howard Stern’s Sirius station with Eric the Midget. That’s pretty interesting… from host to recap boy. Other than that, it doesn’t seem that much is up with him. Poor guy.

Thankfully, others on the web are on the lookout.

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Dave Walls February 10, 2007, 2:17 pm

When I was working in Atlantic City last summer as the announcer for “The Price is Right Live!”, Brian actually came for a period to host “Family Feud Live” at another casino, still put on by the same company as my show. I caught him a couple of times, and I have to say..When he was having a good night, he was quite enjoyable. When he was having a bad night…….ack.

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