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June 10th, 2007

Garage Sales

Thanks to the warm weather here, it looks like garage sale season is officially upon us.

My parents and I used to go to garage sales just about every weekend when I was a kid, and we usually had a sale ourselves in the summer. For our sale my favorite part was tagging all of the merchandise. I loved going through sheets of those little stickers that never stuck too well, grabbing a Sharpie, and pricing everything with my parents’ help. And of course, selling soda out of a cooler for 25 cents a can (what a markup!)

Nowadays we really like going to garage sales. I like being able to score interesting items (like a 1930’s camera for $10 and a totally great tripod for $5), and look at the electronics graveyards. While I don’t really need a VHS-C camcorder that weighs 10 pounds, I could get one. Likewise for big old stereos, telephones from the Bell System days, and various kitchen unitaskers. There’s a lot of fun in it, for sure.

Someday the Ping will have a garage sale, and we’ll sell all sorts of great Ping merchandise. Really!

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