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June 11th, 2007

Just My Show

Every so often there comes a podcast that stands out among the pack. One that makes you think, “Jeez, how in the world could I have missed this?” I stumbled across one last week (via a Ping visitor and podcast guest) that fits that mold: Just My Show.

For fans of pop culture, there are few shows that will provide more entertainment than Just My Show. A sampling of the interviews I’ve listened to over the last few days:

  • Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell
  • Joel Higgins, who played Edward Stratton III on Silver Spoons
  • The inventor of Mad Libs
  • Wally Cleaver
  • The Baseball Bunch

For many Ping readers, this list should do the trick.

What’s extra super great about Just My Show is that the host is not only passionate about the interviews he does (he always sounds like he’s giddy to have a particular guest on), he’s knowledgeable and his interview style is smooth and well-planned. There aren’t awkward pauses and no uncomfortable silences while he decides what question to ask next.

So, thumbs up, Just My Show! Bravo!

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