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July 1st, 2007

L’il Earl

I’ve been on another What’s Happening!! kick recently.

Even though the third and final season of the show was miles behind the first two seasons, it was just good enough to keep me wondering what happened to some of the lesser-known actors on the show. For instance, we all know what happened to Rerun (he commented on the Ping). But what happened to David Hollander aka “L’il Earl.”

Well, thanks to Former Child Star Central, I know he’s still going by the moniker “L’il Earl.” Except now, instead of a cop’s son and active member of the Vultures, he’s a DJ specializing in rare funk that appears to still be active in LA. Nice! My goal for the rest of 2007: get autographed copies of his two Cinemaphonic mixes.

Now, if only we could find out what happened to The Snake Leland Smith (believe me, I tried), perhaps the most underrated character on the show.

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