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August 24th, 2007


Although I will fully admit I have never seen the movie Grease, I will also fully admit that I hate it. Yes. I know. I haven’t seen it.

But it’s got John Travolta – strike one. Olivia Newton-John? Strike two. “Summer Days”? Strike three.

I’m going to make it a life goal to avoid this movie. I think I’ll have a richer, more fulfilling existence as a result.

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jk August 24, 2007, 1:51 pm

See it for Stockard Channing!! Just do it. I won’t tell anyone.

Dave Walls August 24, 2007, 9:55 pm

Take a half strike off for Olivia Newton-John. She’s incredibly easy on the eyes. Other than, yes, avoid it like the plague.

..and I’m someone who actually doesn’t mind going to Broadway or musicals, so I hope that says something about how much I hate Grease.

Alan Bluehole August 24, 2007, 11:16 pm

Promise me you’ll rent Grease II tonight.

jk August 25, 2007, 3:56 am

Oh no, Grease 2 is horrific. Don’t do it, please.

Dave Walls August 25, 2007, 3:08 pm

Grease 2: “Shooter” McGavin is a T-Bird. Need I say more?

Missy September 9, 2007, 2:42 am

My roomate is watching Grease right now which is why I’m cloistered away in my room looking for other kindred spirits who hate this movie. I too have promised myself that I’d never watch this movie and I believe that I will lead a more fulfilled and less delusional life because of that.

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