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November 12th, 2007

Writer’s Strike: Day 6

(Unfortunately last minute negotiations between me, Ryan, and our writers fell through. You know what that means. – Paul)

Hi guys!


::hops like a squirrel::

Done with midterms! Yay!
Neither of them was a disaster…which is very exciting.

Team Captain sez: Hey! Let’s get the juggling balls and put ’em on our heads and take OMG’s Nerf guns and play William Tell!

I need to put a caption referring to dingoes eating babies on this icon *ponders*

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-Peter November 12, 2007, 12:17 pm

You guys really, REALLY need to work this out! Heck, I’ll even whip something up for you; just end this stream of endless nonsense! I need my ping back! Nay, I CRAVE my ping back! CRAVE I TELL YA!

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