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June 23rd, 2008

Idea: Interview People From the Future

I had another “great idea” dream this morning. Is it as good as the biodegradable food processor bowl? You be the judge.

Since interviews with celebrities are a dime a dozen, magazines that rely on them need a real shot in the arm. It’s getting pretty boring reading about what Matthew McConaughey thinks about the situation in Darfur (“Uh… durrrrr!”), so here’s my idea: before the interview, hypnotize the celebrity and place the suggestion that they’re from the year 2608. People would be so much more interesting with an interview with Matthew McConaughey From The Future! The insight he’d provide would be nothing short of enlightening (“Uh… durrrrr!”).

Better yet, get songwriters to perform a song from one of their future albums. Or find out from a scientist what breakthroughs we’ve made (have they made Triple Stuf Oreos yet?). Ask a politician if that bill he voted for turned out to really be a good idea or not. The possibilities are endless! There could a whole cottage industry of spin-off magazines… Rolling Stone… Future!, The Really New Republic, Entertainment Next Weekly

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COD June 23, 2008, 3:34 pm

A blog that just made it all up could be rather entertaining…

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