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July 1st, 2008

College in 2008

For the third time in recent memory, a dream has inspired a Ping.

Last night I dreamt that it was the first day of college and I was moving into my dorm room. But I wasn’t 18, I was 32 and it was 2008. I was much more confident than I was 14 years ago.

At one point, I commented to my roommate (a guy who was a year behind me in Real Life College) that I still had to bring my 500 gig hard drive from home so I’d have my music.

When I woke up, I thought about this. I realized that my dorm room of the 90s that was crowded with CDs, cassettes, and stereo and recording equipment would be much, much less crowded in 2008. I could get by with a nice desktop (or laptop with docking station) with a good sound card and speakers. If I had foresight, I’d rip my collection throughout the summer onto a 500 gig or 1 tb drive and be completely set by the time August rolled around. Instead of a 4-track and a bunch of recording equipment, a few pieces of software would do the trick. Move in and move out day would be so much easier.

Kids today have it so good.

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COD July 1, 2008, 2:28 pm

You wouldn’t even need to bring the drive. You could leave the server at home connect remotely to bring music across. You’ll likely have awesome bandwidth at college in 2008.

I needed a small Uhaul trailer to get home from college.

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