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January 12th, 2009

Suze Orman Gets Serious

I am most definitely not ashamed to admit that The Suze Orman Show is a regularly-watched program in our household. Suze’s advice is usually on-the-money (har!) and it’s also interesting to hear the financial situations of folks who call in. Then there’s the “Can I Afford It?” segment where people generally want to buy crap they don’t really need – say, $3k purses – while sitting on hundreds of thousands in debt. It’s fun!

But with this weekend’s ep, Suze debuted a new set. And the show’s light and airy yet “real” feel has been replaced by a very dark, THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS YOUR MONEY IS feel. It’s… odd. It feels too serious. And the visual department is clearly having a blast, as there is a big virtual screen behind Suze at most times, and every single thing on the screen that can have a gee-whiz transition does. Oh… and shiny tables everywhere.

I have a track record for hating new sets, so I’m not bucking it with Suze’s new one. I know finances are serious, but I don’t need a dark and stormy night whenever I talk about them.

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Ryan January 12, 2009, 7:18 pm

I actually watched a few minutes of Suze this weekend and caught someone who wanted to know if they could afford a $3000 organ donation (that is, they wanted to donate an organ… apparently, there’s a cost for that).

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