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January 13th, 2009

Music Library Check-In

Hey, let’s do a quick poll. How many songs are currently in your music library (whether they’re on your PC, iPod, or whatever — wherever the primary place your digital collection lives)?

Here’s what MediaMonkey reports for mine:

Artists: 6049
Albums: 6089
Years: 101 (that number surprises me a bit)
Tracks: 35836
Length (h:mm:ss) 2862:22:21
File size: 207.7 GB

Another interesting stat: the average song in my library is 5:48, but the average length of the songs I listen to is only 4:12. I’m thinking that it’s counting my podcast directory (which I wish it wouldn’t), where there are a lot of longer shows that I haven’t listened to on my PC.

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Ryan January 13, 2010, 7:20 pm

Just for fun, here’s my update a year later:

Artists: 9038
Albums: 7875
Years: 107 (that can’t be right)
Tracks: 48183
Length (h:mm:ss) 4039:21:17
File size: 297 GB

Avg song length in my library has dropped to 5:02, but the avg. song length played remains steady at 4:13.

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