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July 21st, 2009

The Weirdest Way to Meet Your Spouse

I’ve been reading Scott Rosenberg’s outstanding Say Everything, an excellent history of blogging. It’s a great read so far. It’s great to see a journalist taking the subject so seriously and covering it so thoroughly.

One piece of blog history that I found interesting and did not know before: Rebecca Blood and her husband met through their servers’ referrer logs (those giant files on every web server that keep track of every single page and image request your browser makes). Rebecca had recently started her blog, linked to a guy’s site in her blogroll and clicked on it herself, presumably during her own daily blog surfing. The blogger saw the link in his referrer logs, visited Rebecca’s site and linked back to an entry she’d written. A few weeks later, they were dating. A couple of years later, they married. How cool is that?

Who have YOU met in your referrer logs?

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