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September 30th, 2009

A button I miss

I had a random recollection earlier today about the PC I bought in 1995, when I was in college. It was a Pentium-90 and did me well for many years. The one feature that sticks out in my mind was a button on the front of the mini-tower that read “TURBO.” As if the computer was SO BLAZING FAST that if it were to run full speed, all the time, it would explode in a fit of power and efficiency.

The button did what it said: pressed in, the system ran at 90 MHz and depressed, it ran at 60 or 75 MHz.

And to this day I’m still not quite sure why anyone would ever not want to run a PC at full speed. Nevertheless, there are times in life I’d really like a TURBO button to make sure things were moving along as quickly as possible.

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