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November 4th, 2009

Who Doesn’t Wash their Jeans?

This may expose my incredible naivete. But so be it.

Just a few weeks ago I learned, for the first time, that there is apparently a large segment of the population which does not regularly wash their blue jeans. This was news to me, as I wash my jeans every week with the usual laundry. You know. They’re pants. They get funky in a bad way.

But some folks keep them going for a long time – I’ve heard 6 months plus for some – before even considering dropping some Seventh Generation on their pants. Why would you do this? To give the jeans character, and ensure their durability. I suppose.

Are my jeans washing habits odd? Or is it “just everyone else?”

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Ryan November 4, 2009, 9:46 pm

I found out recently about this practice from an in-law recently. I don’t wash mine after one wearing, but I certainly don’t go months without washing. I think the idea is that the washing just wears them out faster.

Still, seems odd to be wearing funky ass jeans in the name of saving those same funky ass jeans.

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