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December 28th, 2009

Phrases I Thought I’d Be Done Hearing

“A post-9/11 world.”

However, I’ll offset that with some entertainment. An NBC reporter this morning described his flight yesterday under the new, revised, purposely-inconsistent TSA rules: “I was on what was called an ‘international’ flight, even though I was only coming from Canada….”

Maybe he needs a refresher.

As a bonus, too, the reporter couldn’t get up for the entire length of the flight because it was less than an hour. Don’t drink any coffee before flying.

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Dave Walls December 28, 2009, 5:05 pm

In summer 2008, while on some business trips, I had to fly from Phoenix to Albuquerque. The flight, as a whole, was maybe 35 minutes, takeoff to touchdown.

I got upgraded to first class (big deal for 35 mins!), and the person next to me was freaking out that she couldn’t get served any alcohol on the trip. Not only could she not get up, because of the flight being under an hour, but apparently, New Mexico doesn’t allow alcohol to be served on planes while flying over their airspace. Apparently, this was her one big chance to get loaded on a plane.

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