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January 30th, 2010


A few years ago I took a good, hard look at all of the information I both create and consume and tried to come up with a magical solution for all of it. Totally didn’t work, sadly, but I’m happy to note that at least one problem is solved.

For years I’ve had a collection of articles and other stuff I want to read… sometime. I’ve always called this the “will save for later” pile. It came in handy whenever Ryan would send me an interesting link for example; I would file it away on delicious with the tag “wsfl” (“Will Save for Later”) and then told Ryan… “wsfl.” Not interesting, I know. But I had them on delicious and that mostly worked.

But Instapaper is even better. It’s glorious, in fact. It simply lets you collect articles and links from across the web via a bookmarklet – you can also enter URLs on the site. Then, on your account page you get a list of the stuff you want to read. You can pop them in folders but it’s all kept very simple.

I’ve found this to be invaluable for reading on the go. I can queue things up, load up mobile-friendly versions which Instapaper provides, and away I go. It’s really an essential utility and I can only imagine that the iPhone app is killer.

And, Instapaper is free. Lovely!

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