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June 4th, 2010

Warehouse Clubs

Ryan and I have been discussing Costco at length, as he recently joined the mega super giant warehouse club big box store emporium.

I’ve been a fan of Costco for some time now. Their return policy is excellent, they treat their employees well, and their baked goods are tasty. And their prices on electronics are competitive too.

While I was able to rattle off a number of good deals I’ve gotten at Costco, I had a much harder time thinking of any bad deals. My mind first went to prices. Soda, in general, isn’t that great a deal at Costco but then, soda is on sale at grocery stores pretty often. Other than that, everything I thought of seemed to at least be on par with smaller stores.

It’s a pretty good deal most of the time. But are there any examples out there of when it doesn’t make sense to buy from a warehouse club?

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