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November 26th, 2010

Close Calls

Just a few weeks ago, I really, really thought I was going to get a ticket.

Right around dusk, I was on a two-lane road not too far from my house where the speed limit is 45. I unfortunately found myself behind a fellow who decided that 45 was far too fast, and thought something along the lines of 25-30 was better. Mind you there was no traffic in front of him, and there were a number of cars (including me!) behind him.

At one point I thought I saw the solid line in the middle of the road change to stripes, which meant I could pass this guy. So I did. Looking back I saw that the stripes were really just the reflectors in the road. Opps. The road also started to open up to two lanes, one for turning. But I wasn’t paying full attention to that: I was paying attention to the cop barreling down on me. No sirens, mind you, but he was coming up super fast. I was talking with my wife at the time and just said, “Oh, and I’m going to get a ticket because there’s a cop right behind me.”

Fortunately, the cop turned off in another direction and booked it towards something more important. In other words, a really close call. In other other words, I had to change my underwear.

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