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March 24th, 2011

Signs We’re Living in the Future Today

A couple of days ago, I was streaming Netflix over a 3G connection on my phone. It worked. It was good, the quality was good, and I couldn’t help but marvel at how amazing this is.

Generally, I’m finding that anything related to wireless stuff – Netflix, Pandora, MOG, etc. – that works on cell or other networks just blows my mind. I think this is my Old Man point for now, and anything else will just be gravy for the rest of my life. I love it.

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COD March 24, 2011, 1:14 pm

Something that continually makes me go wow is that I can tune in channel 287? on the DISH Network and see a live camera shot of the earth, from space. Anytime I want. From my couch.

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