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July 22nd, 2011

That’s a Lot of Floppies

OS X Lion was released this week to mostly-positive reviews. And it was the first release of that OS delivered via the App Store which also meant that those of us with awesome bandwidth caps got to slap 3.7GB away from our limits on this. Woo hoo!

There’s one slightly more interesting stat mentioned at MacRumors, though. Given that Lion was downloaded 1 million times in its first day…

At 3.7GB per download, this totals more than 3.5 petabytes of data — 3,700,000 gigabytes.

3.5PB! That’s only a little more than my iPhone can hold.

Naturally, though, I wondered how many floppies it would take to hold that much data. Thanks to a little help from the Goog, I was able to do some quick math.

3.5PB is 2,631,111,112 1.44MB floppies, 5,262,222,224 720K floppies, and 10,524,444,448 360K floppies. Want to buy some floppies for that? No problem. It’ll cost you a cool $789,333,334 from Amazon.

Better stock up!

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