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February 8th, 2012

Social Networking, Technology, and DS9

I’ve recently gotten into Deep Space Nine, the Star Trek franchise that was once considered the dark horse of the group. I’ve gotta tell you: it’s pretty good. While it’s still in the same universe as the other shows, it definitely goes deeper than the other series – things aren’t always resolved in an hour. It’s not as serial as something like LOST, but it’s satisfying enough for a 90s show.

So when Kottke linked up a great article examining the technology on DS9 I was already intrigued. Then I read it and was really impressed. Of course a lot of the technology we have today in 2012 far exceeds what’s shown. But Cat Valente puts it this way:

I’ve been struck particularly by two things missing from the DS9 universe–one unpredictable in the 1993-99 span of the series, and one predictable but unattractive from the creators’ standpoint.

Nobody uses social media, and nobody wastes time.

Worth your time, especially if you’re a Trek geek.

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