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April 16th, 2012

An Idea for an ISP

Remember when there was competition for ISPs? Me too. So here’s a free idea which, I trust, won’t ever come to fruition.

This ISP’s selling point? If you pay them a slight bit more per month – or heck, maybe even a lot ($20? $30?) – they’ll suppress advertising on the web. All of it. No banner ads. No interstitials. No nothing. And if they want to do the right thing, they’ll give money to the site owners (but really, that smacks of Readability.)

What prompted this? I stopped by AMC’s site this morning and was just blasted with GIANT EXPANDING ADS FOR PIZZA. And then a pop-under for Netflix. It’s all kind of ridiculous.

I know there are free tools to help with this, but I think this could be a competitive advantage for an ISP. It’d be tough to keep ahead of ads, for sure, but I wonder if they could pull it off.

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