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May 1st, 2012

Pay for Air?!, take two

(Thanks to Paul for covering for me over the last week while I was on paternity leave!)

Ten years ago I wrote to complain about paying 50 cents to fill my tires with air. In the subsequent years, free air at gas stations has become even less common and as a result, I bought a portable air compressor. Sure, it costs as much as sixty fill-ups, but it also meant I’d be able to fill my tires without worrying about the location of the closest gas station.

So I went to fill up my tires recently and realized the cigarette lighter adapter on the compressor had fallen apart, so I had to find a gas station and fill my tires there. So I did so. Begrudgingly. The results?

Station #1 had no air tire pump that I saw.

Station #2’s was broken (though I’m thinking this may also be the one remaining station that doesn’t charge for air).

Station #3 charged an absurd 75 cents. That’s something like three quarters! Craziness.

I guess I have no point other than to say, “Buying air is still vexing me, ten years later.”

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