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June 13th, 2012

Cream and sugar first?

A mild debate has arisen at work around how we prepare our coffee.

Our kitchen has mostly been set up for people who put their cream and/or sugar in a cup first, and then add coffee. After talking about it with some coworkers, I learned that they (like me) do it the other way: coffee first, then everything else. It’s a little thing I didn’t pay attention to, very much. But it also echoes the way one gets coffee at a coffee shop: coffee first, then extras.

So we tested out a revised kitchen layout… ah, I’m kidding. We just moved the coffee-related stuff around. The result? People overwhelmingly preferred things the other way, so items were changed back to the way they were.

I wasn’t aware of this sensitive issue before. I’m glad that this little test opened my eyes.

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