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September 23rd, 2012


I recently ordered a new laptop and my mom ordered a new desktop, both of which I set out to decrapify before use.I was expecting the worst, knowing the junk that most vendors load their computer down with. I was pretty surprised to find out that in both cases (Dell and Acer), there wasn’t really all that much to clean off.

In the past, doing a completely clean install of Windows would have been the best option, but with each system, all I needed was 30-45 minutes to uninstall ten-ish programs, run Windows Update, and do a defrag. Not bad. And the software on there wasn’t as “dirty” (in terms of spyware/adware/etc.) as systems in the past have been.

I’m glad to see manufacturers getting the hint, though I would like to see them start to offer a “clean system” option, even if it were an extra $25 or $50.

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Dave Walls September 26, 2012, 1:33 pm

At my new job, I got a brand new Lenovo laptop that had absolutely no crapware on it. First time I’ve ever had a computer that really needed no de-crap-ification. Aside from the WinUpdate and defrag, it’s running better, out of the box, than any other computer I’ve ever used.

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