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May 5th, 2000

Eye Trek

I accidentally stumbled upon a new product from Olympus called the Eye Trek, pair of glasses with integrated headphones that allow you to watch movies privately. The image you see in the glasses is equivalent to watching a 52″ screen from 6 1/2 feet away. Wow. I could see not only using these on a plane (hooking them up to a DVD-ROM on your laptop) but even at home (since I have a 19″ TV, it would be a perfect alternative to buying a new TV). I wonder, though, whether it is a standard 1.33:1 aspect ratio, or if you can watch movies in true widescreen mode…

Right now, it’s a tad pricey (though under $1000), but this will be an interesting product to watch (and the web site is pretty cool, too). -ram

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