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May 27th, 2000

Murder at Wendy’s

As if we needed another example of how violent our world is, this past week at a Wendy’s in Queens, New York, a pair of gunmen robbed the store of a mere $2000 and then shot the seven employees execution style to make sure that there were no witnesses. Two of the seven lived, though one is in really bad shape at this point.

It blows me away that if you’re going to risk going to death row, you should: 1. get something out of it more than $2000, 2. not do it on a main strip, and 3. actually make sure there really are no witnesses. What’s even scarier is the wording of the following sentence in this New York Times article:

The killings were the worst in the city since five Bronx relatives were shot and stabbed to death in March

In March? Christ, with a sentence that begins with “The killings were the worst in the city since…” you’d hope that it ends with something like “fifteen years ago” or “two decades ago,” not “March.” One can only imagine the pain the families feel at this point, but I imagine they’ll feel better once they catch the two suspects (which I’m sure will be in a matter of days). -ram

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