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June 14th, 2000

The Trouble with Network Solutions

All I can say is that I’m very very pleased that there are registars other than Network Solutions for domain names.

I just got my first piece of spam from NSI in email. I had been receiving lots of junk (snail) mail from them for a few of my .coms, and just got one for my main domain which I registered back in January of 99. The email was basically offering me a special on having a site designed. "You have a great domain name – now you need a great looking design!" Eh?

Plus, there is a nifty stipulation in the contract with NSI saying that you do not own your domain name when you register with them – they do. And they have the right to yank it at any time. This is wonderfully convenient if, say, a big corporation decides that your domain is a little too close to their product’s name. The company line is probably that it’ll prevent squatting.

Then there all of the reports over the past few years of domains being available for purchase when they really aren’t, which is just scary. I’m pleased to see competition in this field. -pm

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